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Updating the logo for this wiki[нисъе чухулара]

New logo

Hello! As part of the update of Wikipedias logos to the new (2010) 3D puzzle globe version, we have noticed that your wiki's current logo is missing, outdated or with wrong translation. We are trying to help Wikipedias get a locally-adapted correct logo, by taking the technical difficulties on us, and in about a week from now we'll be replacing the current logo with the new one shown in this gallery, with explanation. If the translation is wrong, or there's another error in the new logo, or the community disagrees with the update, please update the list of logos or tell us on its talk. Feel free to translate this message and to move/copy/forward it where appropriate. Thanks, Nemo 13:40, 11 биэкарг бутт 2013 (UTC)