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ХӀара дийцарийн агӀо Википеди чуьра йу — маьрша энциклопеди
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PRivet! I was wondering where I can learn your beautiful language of Chechen? Is there a website that teaches it, even from Russian to Chechen or English (prefer) :). Once I learn more I will start contributing to the CE Wikipedia. Spasiba --Ice201 14:33, 3 ноября 2006 (UTC)

I personally do not know, I do not speak Chechen myself (I adminster here due to a request by WMF official Danny W.). Zscout370 05:33, 4 ноября 2006 (UTC)

If you want to study try this site: [1]

Thanks. Zscout370 23:19, 29 ноября 2006 (UTC)


Википеди - Wikipedia

Маьхза энциклопедия - The Free Encyclopedia

Yes, I have been learning a lot of Chechen lately and have a chechen friend. Much have I learned enough to start writing. I have also been giving temp sysop status too since I saw some vandalism here and wanted to help you. Also, why is some page in chechen in latin alphabet? Officially it is in Cyrillic and never has been used formally in latin. --Ice201 15:15, 11 марта 2007 (UTC)

I finished the logo, how do I upload it? --Ice201 16:24, 19 марта 2007 (UTC)
Save it as Wiki.png and upload it here. Zscout370 17:32, 19 марта 2007 (UTC)
I already have done uploading it, but it still not change. I will try again. --Ice201 20:06, 19 марта 2007 (UTC) Файл:Wiki.png here it is. Try it. (thanks for vote too :))
Your welcome and I also placed a notice about the switch on Meta (below yours). Zscout370 22:20, 20 марта 2007 (UTC)
Ok, I saw it. I check everyday but It seems they are lazy about this. :S . Two days I will submit my vote for Beaurucrat, and after this maybe it will allow me to update the logo. It is strange why it wont change instant. --Ice201 22:28, 20 марта 2007 (UTC)
Wow, you made the symbol vote image? I just noticed! Impressive, very nice to meet you ! :) --Ice201 01:50, 22 марта 2007 (UTC)
Your welcome. Zscout370 08:01, 22 марта 2007 (UTC)
Your welcome? Strange response haha. I mean, I was just looking at the images on commons and saw you were the author of design the symbol vote button. And I use it alot, it is nice :) --Ice201 11:21, 22 марта 2007 (UTC)