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Нохчийн маттахь йолу Википедин декъашхойн цӀарах маршалла ду хьоьга. Оха догдоху проектехь дакъалацарца хьуна там хилар.

Тергам бе дакъалацаран коьрта хьоле: Нисъе майра а, хилитийша дика Ӏалашо а.

Иштта мега куьг таӀо
Википедин чура агӀонашкахь куьг таӀо цадеза (авторийн могӀа ша кхолла луш бу - иза бу агӀона хийцаман истори чохь), амма хьайна форумехь я цхьан агӀона дийцарехь дакъалаца лаахь — дехар до куьг таӀор (~~~~) тильдаш лелаеш я, лакхарчу панелан тӀера кнопка тӀетаӀайина.

Хьайн агӀонехь хьа йиш ю хьайх лаьцна хаам ба — масала, меттанаш хаар я хьашташ.

Хьа хаттарш делахь лелае гӀоьна система. Оцу чохь хьан хаттарашна жоп ца карийнехь, хатта проектан форумехь я хьан долара дийцаран агӀо лелае: йилла агӀонга кеп {{helpme}} чу хьай хаттар яздина.

Хьан цхьан нисдарца агӀо кхолла йиш яцахь, тӀаьхьо и язъян дагахь делахь, йозан юьхье хӀоттае {{subst:L}} кеп кхечу декъашхошна хаийта.

Юху а маршалла ду хьоьга!

Hello and welcome to the Chechen Wikipedia! We appreciate your contributions. If your Chechen skills are not good enough, that’s no problem. We hope you enjoy your time here!

Здравствуйте! От имени участников Википедии — приветствую вас в её разделе на чеченском языке. Мы рады Вашим правкам. Если ваши знания чеченского языка не так хороши — не волнуйтесь, это не проблема: вы можете помогать проекту и не зная языка. Надеемся, вы получите большое удовольствие от нахождения здесь.
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--Ice201 02:13, 2 мая 2007 (UTC)

Википедия:Участники по языкам[нисъе]

Hi. Thank you for your contributions but I really wish you didnt do that! It is the CHECHEN Wikipedia not Russian. If you want to contribute in russian language, you can at ru.wikipedia.org. Russian and Chechen are totally different languages and not all Chechens in the world understand Russian. --Ice201 23:18, 10 мая 2007 (UTC)

  • Hi, I only wanted to explain something which cannot be explained in English, since there is no difference between polite/impersonal and familiar/personal addressing in English, as there is in German, Russian, etc.. I cannot write Chechen, so my next best choice was Russian. I found several sources saying, a good proportion of Chechen readers do understand (at least some basic) Russian. I was writing on a talk page, hoping someone will be able to translate my hint, if need be. If you generally dislike Russian (or any foreign language) hints in the Chechen Wikipedia on talk pages, no problem, I can safe my time and do something else. Yet I had not found any hint saying, I should not do what I did. If I missed , I am sorry. --Purodha Blissenbach 13:57, 12 мая 2007 (UTC)
  • With non-sentences like: Sprechen Sie keine Tschetschenische? Scheiben Sie ce-0 in Ihre babel box auf, you imho ridicule yourself. If you do not want to correct it, you likely better do not include German at all. Almost every possible German contributor understands English anyways, or French, or Russian, or Dutch, or several thereof. --Purodha Blissenbach 13:57, 12 мая 2007 (UTC)

I dont dislike russian, it is just this is not the Russian wikipedia in case you have forgotten. The study shows this because most Chechens in the world live in Russia and are forced to learn and speak Russian. One of our administrators for example has a native language of Chechen and speaks NO Russian whatsoever. If you cannot write Chechen, and you say your next best choice was Russian, then the Russian wikipedia welcomes you to edit there since you have Russian knowledge. I translated your German in the talk page, I just forgot to remove the E and the Auf, thats all. And yes, maybe since you cannot speak or write Chechen, the best thing for you to contribute here would be user boxes for languages if you still want to contribute. The hint you have not found is rather not difficult to see, Chechen and Russian are not the same language. So, should I go to the German wikipedia and write a category in Danish or Dutch? I would never even think of to do this. I am not so offended at all, nor angry, as I am not native Chechen, but there are native Chechens there who are proud of this website and hate to see Russian on here, since it is drawing to Chechens and the Chechen language, some older words are even used here and prefered over the newer borrowed Russian words.

I mean if you want to learn the Chechen language, I can of course give you some resources to learn her. If you know the alphabet already, learning Chechen should not be a challenge to you. --Ice201 15:17, 12 мая 2007 (UTC)

Къёлш мотт[нисъе]

Салам! I was looking in my Russian-Chechen dictionary, and found: Рипураийн мотт, is there a difference between Kölsh and Repuraian before we change it? --Гирди 08:58, 19 мIангал-бутт 2008 (UTC)

Yes, there is a difference between the Kölsch language and the Ripuarian languages in that Kölsch is a single language in the collection of the Ripuarian languages.
Per estimate, a majority of about 1/4 of all Ripuarian language speakers speak Kölsch, but there are some 120 or more other Ripuarian varieties, some of which are in part mututally incomprehensible, and some having only a few hundred speakers, usually the older inhabitants of a specific village.
Since "Ripuarian" is a merely schientific term, it is almost unknown to the general public and the Ripuarian speakers themselves. If they are trying to speak collectively about the languages, they either say "like Kölsch" (if they are from elsewhere) or they call it "de:Rheinisch" - en:Rhinelandic - or plain and general "de:Platt" (nl:plat (taal)). "Platt" happens to be a term saying "not standard German/Dutch/French" to a huge population including the entire Northern half of Germany and much more. "Rhinelandic" is less general but still vastly ambigous, and much too general a term, too.
Many people living in some distance from the area where people use ripuarian languages cannot distinguish between Kölsch and other varieties of Ripurarian, and often collectively call them Kölsch. Even worse, they often confuse them with Dutch, or Frisian, saying they all sounded alike.
Unfortunately, when the existing test project became a Wikipedia, the ISO 639 had a code for Kölsch, ksh, but none for Ripuarian. We had asked for one but the (valid) request was turned down on the ground that "we are currently busy working on something else" (see final e-mail). The Wikimedia Foundation then agreed to start the Ripuarian language Wikipedia with the "minoritiy" code ksh for the time being, which the Kölsch fraction of the test project had invited them to. Once we have the new ISO code, it is planned to be switched over.
Now, we have the unfortunate situation that (similar to als before gsw came), we are using an ISO code for something which it was not actually meant for.
Some projects, e.g. the nap Wikipedia and some neighboring ones, strictly use ISO codes for what they really mean in their Babel system. Others don't. Many did not really decide. Several, like the de "invented" and use dozens of non-ISO codes mixed with true ISO codes.
My position is to suggest using ISO codes with their meaning given to them by the ISO, and nothing else, and clean out conflicting uses over time. That is how I came to refer to "Kölsch" in the Babel template. This is btw. correct for myself, since I speak Kölsch (and nothing else. If I try to imitate other Ripuarian languages, people laugh at me, because I get it wrong; even for the very close variety which was the language of my grandmother, which I heared a lot when I was a child)
As soon as we have a true collective code for the Ripuarian languages, the current problem will be solved. Up to then, it is your decision, how you want to handle the Babel-code system. There is no general rule or common way to follow, since all somehow meaningful choices have been taken at one place or another.
Simple question → complicated answer, I know. Many greetings, and thank you for your watchfulness and attention.

--Purodha Blissenbach 10:53, 21 мIангал-бутт 2008 (UTC)

Ваша учётная запись будет переименована[нисъе]

19:35, 17 мартехь 2015 (UTC)